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♾Welcome Home♾

Starseeds, Empaths, Lightworkers, Healers, Leaders, Changemakers! Together…

With great excitement, I’m elated you’re here. At this time, the world needs you more than ever! ALL of YOU, in you’re Wholeness!

We are multidimensional beings with incredible multidimensional super powers. If you want to access more of your divine self, remember the knowing of who you are and where you came from, and active your extrasensory abilities to become your OWN guru, OWN healer, and start living your multidimensional gifts, then LET’S GET STARTED! No matter where you are on your journey, you’re in the right place.

By altering your inner world and belief system, we can positively change our outer reality. 

~ Violet Rays Jane

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Emily Violet Rays Jane

Soul Empowerment Coach, Cosmic Oracle, Multidimensional Healer, and Ascension Guide for the Collective.

Emily channelled Violet Rays Jane in 2015 when she completed her Reiki Masters Certificate. This is when she left her career, got rid of her belongings and became a minimalist, and decided to travel full-time living outside society to help spread universal love. Her mission started to come clear, and Emily began to remember who she really was. She is now here to assist you on your healing remembering journey in awakening to who you are, tapping into your greatest potential, and living a magical dance on this earthly playing field. As we ascend in frequency, understanding how to navigate the energies, step into your full power, and become an unshakeable force filled with universal love, is Emily’s highest intention.

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Elizabeth April ~ Intuitive Channeler for Galactic Federation of Light,Youtuber, #1 Best Selling Author

Raise Your Frequency, Remember your Souls Dream, Live an Abundant Life, & Access the Universal Love Within!

We are here to Bring It to Light! Remember who you are, and call your soul back home. This is the journey of the warrior, and not the faint of heart. You have made it this far brave soul, thank yourself for showing up! You were chosen to be here, and the world needs your multidimensional self NOW!

  • Are you ready to own more of your light and gain access to your Ancestral lineage, Starseed origins, and awaken the power of your Divine archetypes?
  • Are you willing to shift your perception to see healing/shadow work as fun, and embrace the darkness with blissful surrender and play?
  • Are you excited to gain the tools to exit the matrix and karmic loops of the embedded programs keeping you stuck in cycles of trauma, victim hood, substance abuse, mental health, physical illness, and oppression?
  • Is your heart ready to heal, integrate the truth, and embrace the benefits from each soulmate, karmic connection, and twin flame experience by understanding the process of Hieros Gamos?
  • Are you keen to learn how to understand & transmute your emotions during upgrades & ascension symptoms while riding the waves of the cosmic shift we are rapidly going through?
  • Are you ready to learn how to tune into your higher self, channel your own guidance, and trust your path as we increase our sensitivities and frequency? 
  • Are you stoked to intentionally be the creator of your reality, astral project, channel light codes and language, do your own energy healing, and step into full abundance on your divine path?

By Believing in your own light, you can shine your way home.

~ Violet Rays Jane

Welcome to your Awakening!


Emily can guide you on your awakening journey to elevate your life with Cosmic Teachings, Ascension tools, Multidimensional Shamanic Energy healing, Intuitive guidance & Coaching, Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation, to show you the way to healing, clarity, freedom, happiness, and a sovereign empowered way of living. You are the co-creator of your life, and it is time you start living it!

Text if in USA, or on Telegram: +(1) 760-898-9940

By Email: violetraysjane@hotmail.com

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To Host your Guided Meditations, Healing Ceremonies, or Workshops on Ascension Tools, Healing, and Cosmic Multidimensional Living. 

**Cosmically Constipated – Living a Multidimensional Life** Book & Podcast

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