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Welcome to Violet Rays Jane! 

Hi, my name is Emily. By trade I am an addictions counsellor and have experience working in therapeutic environments counselling and advocating for men and women dealing with mental health, addiction, relationship, and abuse issues. Now, shifting gears to pursue my spiritual vocation specializing in overall wellness as a consciousness coach, I want to share with you where this has lead me. By exiting my previous career and following the signs presented to me, I have been summoned to be of service in a more holistic way. I have been called to work with energy because of my empathic nature, and am now a certified Reiki Master. I turned my quiet hobby used to simmer my anxiety, into an in depth study incorporating yoga to became a certified Meditation Facilitator. I have rediscovered my psychic gifts due to a spiritual awakening, so have nurtured my abilities in mediumship and clairvoyance to now give healing messages from spirit to those seeking answers. The newest development is the gift of channelling messages from the Plaedians. Channelling information not only for clients but on a global scale.

This journey has involved a firm commitment to healing in all of the same areas as my clients including many physical ailments, and with sincere gratitude, what a beautiful and awakening journey this has been.

Because of my passion for helping people, increasing sensitivities to energetic shifts, and spiritual awakening and ascensions experienced, the light worker inside me is finally ready to be of greater service. I am now offering online support through sharing relatable information and channelled material accessible in my blogs, as well as personalised Skype and phone sessions, and group presentations and workshops for a more intensive educational and awakening experience. My goal is to spread the message of Love and share with you how to access Universal Love at anytime by nurturing yourself and your connection with Spirit. With my career background and life experience, I can help you to heal your life through awareness, belief, trust and acceptance. I will share with you how to have healthy relationships with yourself and others, how to navigate society and deal with different environments and belief systems, the spiritual manifestation of physical and mental health issues, the power of your thoughts and how they create your reality, and I will share my own personal story along the way. Other topics that I will touch upon include: How to connect with your intuition, angels, spirit guides, loved ones, etc., manifesting the life you’ve always wanted, your body and your chakras, the meaning of your dreams, and much, much more.

If you would like to connect with me for further information, a spiritual counselling/ life coaching session, intuitive reading, a specialized workshop for your group, or for a speaking engagement, please email me at

You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Instagram


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