♡BIPOLAR♡ A life of moment to moment trials and tribulations. Domestic battles on the inside. A partnership in constant conflict. Like in a marriage, ie. the wife feels neglected, and the husband rejected, and their expressions of this end up hurting one another causing a disconnect, damaging the union. The union becomes a war of … Continue reading BIPOLAR


Those that lead, fear not the judgement of others, but the power within themself. They do not care for what you think of them, but about what you think of yourself. They are here to show you how to set yourself free, beyond the misery of your own seperateness and faculties. For those that break … Continue reading LEADERSHIP IS FREEDOM

Born to Love

Born to Love♡Born to RememberBorn to Surrender to the infinite contenderBorn with eyes that dive ocean deepBorn with a heart that cracks with every beatBorn with a mind that reaches beyond space and timeBorn with eccentric thoughts of rhythm and rhymeBorn with a smile that will grab your attention for awhileBorn with a spirit rebellious … Continue reading Born to Love

The Great Toxic Masculine Purge 1/21

The energy right now speaks loudly that we are all being called to heal the toxic Masculine. This is beyond a painful process, I'm not going to lie. To forgive and love with compassion despite the unforgivable things that have been done to women, to the feminine, and done to myself, in insidious ways right … Continue reading The Great Toxic Masculine Purge 1/21