Welcome Home Starseeds, Empaths, & Lightworkers 

“By altering your inner world and belief system, we can positively change our outer reality.”

We are here to Bring It to Light! Remember who you are, and call your soul back home. This is the journey of the warrior, and not the faint of heart. You have made it this far brave soul, thank yourself for showing up. Lets talk spirituality, awakening, and the path of the Starseed shall we?

  • Have you felt called to connect to your Ancestoral lineage and Starseed origins? If you aren’t already an expert in your history 😉
  • Has Shadowwork and inner child healing crossed your path, if not already heavy in your to do list?
  • Have you experienced varying degrees of trauma, abuse, grief, substance abuse, mental health, or physical illness, or oppression that has left you feeling like WTF!? I want out of this shit!
  • Have you experienced a soulmate, twin flame, and karmic relationship?!!
  • Are you being called to the awakening path of healing ancestral trauma?
  • Is managing your energy and emotions riding the waves of the cosmic energies like a roller coaster you can’t seem to put the breaks on?
  • Have you noticed that you all of a sudden you have an increased sensitivity to negativity, energy, foods, environments, entertainment, etc?
  • Is your evolution of Self Love your top priority, and healing the relationships with those around you?
  • Are you becoming drawn to deeper topics and activities such as astral projection, light codes and language, aliens, meditation, energy healing, star family & spirit guides, crystals, medicinal plants, astrology, psychic phenomena, and believe you are here to serve the Collective?

“By Believing in your own light, you can shine your way home”

Welcome to your Awakening!


Emily can guide you on your awakening soul journey with cosmic energy healing, and Divine guidance through conscious connection, to show you the way to healing, clarity, freedom, happiness, and a more empowered way of living. You are the co-creator of your life, and it is time you start living it!

If you would like to contact her for further information, book a session, or a speaking engagement, email: violetraysjane@hotmail.com

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