Meet Emily!


An Indigo child who is a Highly Sensitive Empath, Intuitive, & Starseed, Emily struggled to understand herself, living with intense daily energies, emotions, and experiences each day. Feeling so misunderstood and different from others, she secretly suffered since a child, and developed necessary coping mechanisms that helped her survive, but shut her senses down along with the connection to her soul in order to relate to a world she felt so foreign to. This ended up becoming her biggest challenge to overcome in order to regain access to her own magic, and uncover her innate truth. What felt like constant chaos around her, and an inner hurricane within her, made her life feel absolutely out of control in a society that rejects MAGIC, and lacking the support from the “typical” services available, her self worth was non-existent. Her ability to discern what was her thought, emotion, pain, what was another’s, or what was coming from the collective state of the world felt impossible to know. She felt so wrong just for existing, rejecting herself as she felt rejected from the world, and not trusting anything she was, was utterly devastating.

Coping with such heightened awareness, intuition, and senses forced her to seek help outside the normal list of healthcare professionals, which included psychics, shamans and healers. Through many catastrophic life events, grief & loss, mental health, chronic illness, addiction, abuse & trauma, and unexplained supernatural happenings including repeated psychic attacks, the strong pull from the universe to dive deep into the unknown to get healing and clarity started her on this spiritual journey to discovering her true gifts.

Having gone through what you may heard of as The Dark Night of the Soul, and a few near death experiences (NDE), she started to recall her purpose. Understanding the Ascension process through experience and the connection to multidimensional realms and beings, she found her way back to the natural world as a keeper of the Earthly Realm, connected to the Angelic Realm, & with the Wisdom and Teachings from the Stars. She understands we all come from the Universal Consciousness that is made of Energy. She is here to bring back the magic of this birthright awareness to empower humans to regain ownership over their life!

As a Certified Reiki Master, YTT 200, Certified Meditation Facilitator, and gifted Clairvoyant and Medium with Spiritual Insight training from Lily Dale, NY, she now offers Ascension Guidance & Spiritual Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Energy & Spirit Clearing. She has taken Shamanic course with Sandra Ingerman and Puma Fredy Quispe Singona to help her regain her Shamanic Healing wisdom. Light languages, time travel, and coordinating with your multiple helpers, are also a regular part of her energy healing sessions.

Educational Intuition Workshops & Programs Coming Soon!
Emily creates a safe container for all who connect with her, and works to assist them from wherever they currently are at, to elevate them to get to where their soul desires to be.

Emily’s firm commitment to her own personal growth and healing makes her relatable and full of compassion that can be felt deep within. She is here to help raise the Consciousness of the Collective, and through her own connection to the Lightworker inside her, she is able to connect with, and help activate the Lightworker inside you!

She shares her knowledge and channelled wisdom through her blog, social media, and personalised group presentations for a more intensive experience. Her goal is to spread the message of Love, share with you how to access Universal Love at anytime, connect you with your own true essence, and raise your vibration and level of conscious awareness.

With her career background and life experience, Emily can help you to heal your life through awareness, belief, trust and acceptance. She will teach you how understand and manage your own energy, connect with your own intuition, and have healthy relationships with yourself and others. She will give you tips how to navigate society and deal with different environments and belief systems, introduce concepts of spiritual manifestation of physical and mental health issues, how to heal them, and how the power of your thoughts create your reality while sharing her own personal story along the way.

*Emily was previously an Addictions counsellor and has experience working in therapeutic environments counselling and advocating for men and women dealing with mental health, addiction, relationship, and abuse issues. Her education includes Social Service Work, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, Business and Public Relations. Since exiting this career in 2015, she shifted gears to pursue her spiritual vocation full-time as a Wellness Specialist!

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