Divine Goddess

This is the Essence of the Divine Goddess. She is worshipped, she is powerful, she is the mystery inside your temptations, and ring of fire inside your rage. She invokes the incessant lust of men to yearn to be devoured. She is Aphrodite, Istarte, Inanna, Kali, Lilith, and makes warriors drop to their knees, and … Continue reading Divine Goddess

♡Unrequited Love♡

The pain that lasts a lifetime of a love that never was. A heart that beat so passionately, slowed to a dull pulse. The ecstasy of bloom, became the loss of a seed. The longing stopped, but the soul ached and bleed. Frozen in time, the heart closed to protect the shattered pieces.The remanance of … Continue reading ♡Unrequited Love♡

New Moon

Perpetuating the flour of ambiguous energy that surges through the vagus nerve, expounding perfection in all areas of gravity and luminous sequences of fluid gold on the ambitious mountains of tedious and laborious subliminal messages in the equinox of time, provides subtle yet outwardly cautious levels of surrender and impoverished heart beats struggling to beat … Continue reading New Moon

Born to Love

Born to Love♡Born to RememberBorn to Surrender to the infinite contenderBorn with eyes that dive ocean deepBorn with a heart that cracks with every beatBorn with a mind that reaches beyond space and timeBorn with eccentric thoughts of rhythm and rhymeBorn with a smile that will grab your attention for awhileBorn with a spirit rebellious … Continue reading Born to Love

The Great Toxic Masculine Purge 1/21

The energy right now speaks loudly that we are all being called to heal the toxic Masculine. This is beyond a painful process, I'm not going to lie. To forgive and love with compassion despite the unforgivable things that have been done to women, to the feminine, and done to myself, in insidious ways right … Continue reading The Great Toxic Masculine Purge 1/21