Deep Divine Coaching

1hr Session: $144 CAN

We are all at different stages in the Ascension Process. With the world in upheaval, it can be a very shattering experience to navigate such energies and unknowns. Your soul has been called to take on this new journey, and is one that you have not yet consciously experienced before, but that believe it or not, YOU ARE READY FOR! Your Starseed lineage, true connection to your higher self, and Cosmic Divine blue print of your DNA is ready to be activated.

If you are dealing with confusing or disruptive physical or emotional symptoms, stuck in denser energies and toxic repeat patterns, are having multidimensional experiences, vivid dreams, psychic development, or if you are further along in your process and want to accelerate your level of awareness optimising your mind, body and soul to higher frequencies in the Quantum, then this session is for you!

Emily will tap in intuitively to your energy field in the multidimensional realms and relay information from the Stars to guide you in this process. She has been studying Energy and Health for years, and her Awakening Journey that began in 2008 took her on the path of Self Evolution & Ascension! She works with the concept of energy combined with the mind-body connection, and channel from her galactic family to show you the way back home to your Divine birthright. She will help you connect to the fragments of your soul, and realign them back to wholeness. She can walk beside you to give comfort, clarity, and peace during your Great Awakening.

After going through the Dark Night of the Soul with a complete loss of self and an earthquake shift in her physical reality, Emily’s consciousness shift happened. This is when she had finally found the ingredients she was missing to move into the Quantum space. To balance living, regulating the internal chaos, while still living in external chaos, until both aligned, and shift into the Collective “WE”, rather than I. This will give you great relief in your suffering as she supports you to do the same.

Because of her experiences, She can intuitively tune in and assist you in getting a deeper understanding of the process you are going through, guiding you back into a place of openness and heart-centred living. This process is a wonderful elevation of your mental, emotional, physical, and ethereal bodies. You will receive support, guidance, and tips to shift you into an empowered and balanced position, while integrating these new energies into your new vibrational state of being. You will be choosing what happens to you as the creator of your reality, you will perceive things differently, and regain ownership of the parts of you that were left unseen!


*Consciously bring to light what no longer serves you in the relationship to yourself & others *Reconnect your masculine/feminine aspects and shift to consciously control of your energy
*Remember your soul’s purpose & gain the confidence to step into it
*Identify those puzzling repetitive patterns, and find the loop holes to your power
*Conquer your addictions, fears, and mental struggles by increasing your self love to release the joy, beauty, and strength that is inside you!

By altering your inner world and belief system, and deepening your connection to source, you can positively change your outer reality!

Intuitive Reading

1hr Session: $88

If you are interested in getting some clarity, are at a fork in the road and feeling confused about a decision you need to make, then this session will be of most use. Especially during times of turmoil or grief, some intuitive guidance and reassurance can really help you move closer to your own intuition with the validating answers you may receive. With an open dialogue, once the flow of energy is surrendered, it’s like the flood gates of Aha moments come rushing in.

If you are you wondering about your career, relationship status, health, or personal development, this can also be a way to get to the underlying truth that your soul is trying to communicate to you. Relationships are the biggest factor in human existence, and confronting situations that are being avoided or left in the dark, may be where the answers lie. If you are wanting insight into why you are feeling the way you are, or how to resolve some unwanted situations, if you go in with full honesty, you will make the most space to get clarity. And this is to make room for new beginnings to start unravelling in your life. It also is not your typical psychic reading because the answers you seek, may not be what you were expecting. Emily receives the deeper truth below the surface of the symptom to whatever may be going on. So she will help you heal whatever is connected to the reason you are going through what you’re through.

Emily’s Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, & Claircognizent gifts as a Medium will provide you with healing messages that help you regain a sense of peace and understanding. In confidence, and with a compassionate ear she can be the outlet you need to move on.

Cosmic Energy Alignment

1.5hr Sessions: $144

Humans were taught to believe in the material world, however we are made up of 99.9% energy! Everything is Energy! We deal with so many different energies on a daily basis, it is hard to keep up without regular cleansing & recharge practices.

Every person we connect with, what we read, what we listen to, where we focus our thoughts, what we eat, the amount of screen time we use, our external environments etc. etc. can do quite a number on our systems. What this can cause is many symptomatic mental and physical health issues, and we can get all clogged up or all run down causing energy leaks. Energy leaks can also lead to more negative energies getting in our field to zap us even further. When this happens, we are more susceptible to further complications in daily life, and even attract negative situations and people that can make matters worse

During emotional times, we can build up and hang on to a lot of stale or heavy energies that get trapped in our bodies. We go through stressful, or even very traumatic times that can leave our systems really out of wack and needing some loving support. This session is a great way to make a commitment to connect with yourself again and rest, as a treatment of self care, like getting a physical massage, this is one however for your subtle (energy) body, that will impact all the rest!

Ancestral trauma, generational curses, and past lives, all affect what plays out in this one. It was given to us at birth. This can greatly impact our sensitivity to things, how we call in certain experiences, and how we energetically navigate the world. You can have a multitude of energetic attachments, soul contracts, and auric holes that are draining you of your energy.

You do not need to be controlled by these factors, as this is one of the ways in which you can rid yourself of these burdens and blockages.

Emily will use a wide range of Clair Intuitive abilities from her cosmic tool belt to clear you and your space of any inhibitors to your souls development and expansion. She starts by creating a safe container for you and her remotely, calls in your guides and helpers along with hers, and uses multidimensional transmuters to eradicate the energy and fill you up with high frequency codes. She uses sound therapy, light language, time travel to recover soul fragments, and will untie you from contracts and stop psychic attacks. This may take more than one session, as there are a multitude of layers within our consciousness living countless lives.

Emily will interpret for you all that went on and where you are at so you know how to move forward, and maintain a higher vibration to keep the positive energy flowing.

This will include 1hr remote healing, and a 30 min post session phone call!

Enlightening Workshops and Speaking Engagements Coming Soon!

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