♡From Your Future Self♡

I love you when no one is watching.I send you angels during struggle and strife.If only you knew what was waiting.You'd pull out that jaded knife. It is not them who put it in your heart.It was you who embraced the blade.You know it wasn't your fault.Please forgive yourself again. If you only knew what … Continue reading ♡From Your Future Self♡

Rhythm of Life

Which path to walkWhich part to surrenderWhich stone left unturnedAm I the pretender?Soul depleted, heart yearnsMemories forgotten, memories burnedI see and know nothing, when will the lessons be learnedAll is dark and absent, yet fully lit in presence upon our returnThe sky is secretiveI ask it for helpAll directions, all elementsThe land is deeply feltThe … Continue reading Rhythm of Life

New Moon

Perpetuating the flour of ambiguous energy that surges through the vagus nerve, expounding perfection in all areas of gravity and luminous sequences of fluid gold on the ambitious mountains of tedious and laborious subliminal messages in the equinox of time, provides subtle yet outwardly cautious levels of surrender and impoverished heart beats struggling to beat … Continue reading New Moon