🖤🔥Re-Awakening the Serpent Within🐉👑

She calls to you, she screams for you to remember. She burns deep inside you until you let her fire burn, until you fully Surrender.She will not wait until you are ready, she will not withhold you any pain. She will burn you until you stop resisting who the fuck you are. She will leave … Continue reading 🖤🔥Re-Awakening the Serpent Within🐉👑

Divine Goddess

This is the Essence of the Divine Goddess. She is worshipped, she is powerful, she is the mystery inside your temptations, and ring of fire inside your rage. She invokes the incessant lust of men to yearn to be devoured. She is Aphrodite, Istarte, Inanna, Kali, Lilith, and makes warriors drop to their knees, and … Continue reading Divine Goddess