Those that lead, fear not the judgement of others, but the power within themself. They do not care for what you think of them, but about what you think of yourself. They are here to show you how to set yourself free, beyond the misery of your own seperateness and faculties. For those that break … Continue reading LEADERSHIP IS FREEDOM

Ascension Tips

Balancing Your Energy We are 99.9% Energy, and our energy is directly related to the state of our nervous system. The nervous system, or CNS, is our physical connection to our Chakras aka Energy Centres. In order to best balance and maintain your energy, it is of upmost importance to be mindful of where you … Continue reading Ascension Tips

The Case of the lost Identity: Who Am I? I Am Me, and I Sing Off Key!

This journey called life can sometimes grip us so tightly that we lose sight of the truth. The last few years I have focused primarily on my spiritual growth and evolution, and on increasing my awareness and vibration of self love. I was always searching. I was in search of more meaning; to find the answers of why I was here, and where on earth it is I belong. What I didn't realize until now was what I was really searching for.

Breakdown of Fear

It is a time of awakening, shifting, and ascending to our highest and greatest selves. Life reviews are happening in waking moments, and visions of our past lives are coming through in our dreams. This is the time to step up and break free of this human condition. It is a global healing, rise in integrity, alteration to our consciousness, and a new creation of our reality.

2017 Ascension Process

The process of losing ones identity whether through conscious choice or by universal ascending force, can cause an intense form of mental shattering and stimulate a complete transformation of every cell. The past, the memories, the ideals, and the dreams disappear in the present confusion. This confusion feels like an unsolvable Rubik's cube of emotion … Continue reading 2017 Ascension Process

5 Steps to Stay in Your Light When Things Appear Dark

Fear is the main culprit that inhibits us from making decisions, moving forward, and believing that things will get better. As a woman with high intuition and sensitivity to the external world, I feel that my fears can be amplified if I let the culmination of internal worries mixed with these environmental factors overtake my … Continue reading 5 Steps to Stay in Your Light When Things Appear Dark