5 Steps to Stay in Your Light When Things Appear Dark

Fear is the main culprit that inhibits us from making decisions, moving forward, and believing that things will get better. As a woman with high intuition and sensitivity to the external world, I feel that my fears can be amplified if I let the culmination of internal worries mixed with these environmental factors overtake my ability to stay in my light.
Recently, having experienced a spiritual growth spurt where I let go of the career I thought was my true calling and other identities of who I thought I was, I began the tough process of uncovering layers of myself that exposed more of my truth – yet also more of my fears. I’ve battled with chronic and unexplained health issues with little sight of resolution for quite some time – I finally accepted responsibility for my own sickness as well as my own healing; I realized my participation in a prolonged toxic romantic rendezvous resurfaced old patterns of approval seeking behaviours due to incomplete self love and acceptance – I now understand that I was allowing my last few insecurities and self-defeating patterns to take control of my actions; I moved back into my childhood home due to financial strains – this has now directed me to further my inner-child work. So because each area of my life was broken down and spun upside down all at the same time, this indubitably threw me into an emotional whirlwind of uncertainty and fear. (…and breathe) The darkness began to rise, and escapism, avoidance and procrastination along with self loathing and insecurities filtered through into my life. Now this was not happening daily, but more periodically lasting very briefly and still enough to effect my ability to live in my heart space, shine my inner light and trust this transformational process.
Surrendering to my fear and allowing it to take over is something I have been a participant in. Having anxiety provoked behaviour that is out of character for me, and I know that it is sending me a clear signal to really stop, reflect, and grab a hold of it before it consumes me further. There are two reasons fear can be present – let’s talk about the ego first. The problem is that the ego rarely forgets one single hurt or failure, and if I am not in my light I can easily switch into ego auto-pilot. The ego will try to control the outcome of a situation through behaviour rooted in fear, and in turn cause a mess of internal and external disturbances. The second reason is regarding messages from your soul. My soul knows when I am in an unsafe or low vibrating environment facing potential harm of any nature even in the mildest form. However, most importantly, it knows when I am straying from my destined path, so it is efficiently letting me know that I am putting myself in a position that is not in my highest and best good. There is one more piece to the puzzle that I’d like to mention – I am a Sensitive/Empath. Being a Sensitive/Empath means that when I am in any environment with extremely loud or negative: people, emotions, voices/noises, situations, media messages, smells etc., it can ignite fear, tension, and stress inside me. This is because my body and soul feel the effects of these things 10-fold absorbing them physically to the point where my cells take on the darkness – causing illness and more fear.
Here are the steps that I have developed to help you identify the source of your fear, how to remove it, and then resume living in your light:
  1. You must identify whether your fear is your ego not getting what it wants, or your soul screaming at you to communicate that you are not in alignment with your highest good. The ego wants control, power, attention, etc., and MORE of it! The soul wants love, peace, freedom, equality, etc. To differentiate between the two you must first ground yourself: Plant both feet on the ground wherever you are, take a deep breath and feel whether the fear is stored from the neck up, in your chest/heart space, and/or in your gut.
  2. Write a list of questions to dig deeper into that fear and ask yourself: What am I afraid of? What is the emotion connected to this fear? What do I need to do to release this fear? Your higher self has all of the answers, so trust your first instinct and write down whatever comes to mind.
  3. Sit and meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes while deep breathing. Repeat the simple mantra in your mind: I am safe; I am loved. If you initially felt fear strongly in your heart space – this is usually your soul speaking; Your gut can be the secondary response to your soul when it is calling and you are not answering. If you feel sensations from the neck up – that is your ego, and it can also send signals to your gut (your 2nd brain and emotional centre)
  4. Release the negative emotions by doing physical movements that involve head-to-toe activation: Shake your head, hands, arms, legs, feet, and then your entire body just as you would see an animal do; Follow that up with a short walk, bike ride, or if you have certain go-tos like: Yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi – just do what feels best to wind down succeeding your initial release. Another option can be to play with your pet or do some cleaning around the house etc. to work out the fear from all of your cells.
  5. Make a gratitude list of 5 things you have in your life today and 3 things that you’ve accomplished in the last year. (I bet you can think of a lot more too!)
Your actions are a result of how you feel, and your emotions are a result of your thoughts. Your thoughts are so powerful they can manifest miracles or create disasters for you and others around you. Be cautious knowing that each self defeating thought is manifesting into the physical realm. Mantras are a great way to interrupt those ego-based thoughts as well as keeping you in a positive state of mind. Displaying positive quotes around your house, wearing bright colours, surrounding yourself with supportive people, spending time in nature, being in the presence of children and animals, exercising and feeding your body nutritious food, making sure you get adequate rest, helping others, and laughing as much as possible are great ways to maintain this positive state.
Appreciate the beauty within and all around you. Nothing is worth living in worry, chaos and fear. Technically if you are in fear – you are not living. Stress creates illness in the body and interrupts you being able to live in alignment with your soul. This is why it is so important to believe and trust in yourself and know that you can take care of whatever comes your way. You have all the knowledge, skills, and strength needed to manage whatever is on your plate. When you make plans and things do not go as expected know there is something greater in the works for you and all will be well. Your ego is not always your friend. Yes we all want health, happiness, success, money, and to feel appreciated, but at what cost?
Fear is not living in faith and love. I have often wondered how I can fall back into fear so easily, and what I have come to realize is that when I am not listening or trusting the guidance from my soul and living in my heart space, then my ego immediately takes notice and steps into the driver’s seat. You know how challenging it is to drive without headlights in the dark? It can be an unsettling place and can increase the potential of having more turmoil and chaos arise mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It is my awareness, faith and gratitude that can shift me from darkness to light in times of hardship and transformation, so when I take action to ensure who is driving, my strength, focus, and peace returns.
So, from the light in me to the light in you, live in the present with awareness and keep your light shining bright.
God bless🌟
Violet Rays Jane, Wellness Specialist
Heal your emotional body. Discover your inner wisdom. Ignite your soul’s purpose.


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